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Monday, August 28, 2006


This a new design which was released in August 2006. It is called A Good Vintage. Do you know the stitching is the easy bit... naming them though... well thats a different matter! In this case naming the design was fairly easy (that was a first!!) The thread used was Caron Wildflowers Bordeaux, the Mill Hill Beads are named Claret and there are a few suggestions in the design elements to wine - so hence 'A Good Vintage'.

Elements of this design have been picked out and used to create a small scissor fob which is being run as a free online class on Lois Carons website and in September there is a complimenting pincushion

There is a scissor fob exchange being run on my forum using this design which starts in September 2006 so if you would like to join in then please visit my forum and look for the scissor fob exchange post. You can also see in the gallery a number of people who have already stitched this neat little project - its always fun to see other peoples colour choices :-)



Blogger Mayté said...

Welcome to the Blog world!! I will comeback often to read your post. I love you desings and have many of them in my "toDo" and "Wish" list.

Happy stitching Day :)

1:19 pm  
Blogger Nela said...

Por ahora paso, por que aun no he terminado el Sal del Noel....
pero espero me avises para caundo salga el diseño del mistery, ese me encanta

11:06 pm  
Blogger Carol said...

Thankyou Mayte and Nela xx I hope to find time to add other things about my life here too not just about my designs (although the designs are a big part of my life!!)

9:55 pm  

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