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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Do you know it would be a wise move on my part to add my website addy wouldn't it - DOH!!!!!!

so thats the address where it will take you to my homepage and from there you can go and see the online shop of my designs and you can also access the forum and have a look at our chatting. If you would like to join in our chat then you will need to register. For those ridiculous people who think you can go on my forum and spam my ladies then you have got another thing coming!!!!!! We are not into taking sex enhancing drugs or online poker classes we just like having our shared interest of embroidery so big raspberries to you guys La La Lere!!!!!!!!!

Hope that helps LOL

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I know it's gonna happen sooner than I wish but I am getting old and losing my memory hehehehe. I forgot to add a picture of this new Counted stitch sampler and Hardanger design which was a new design released in August.

The nice special touches to this design (sorry but they dont show up on the picture very well) is that it has beads, swarovski crystals and a pink tear drop bead and there are also suspended petite beads in the Hardanger heart.

I was fed up of making the designs into framed pictures and wanted to do something different so I made it into a bell pull with beaded fringing on the bottom. The only problem was that I then didnt have the right size bell pull end...... DOH!!!! so I had to make do and mend.... so must make a mental note to buy the correct end for it.... watch out CC we are off on a spending spree - whoopppeeeeeeee.

Carol x


Here is a pic of a Biscornu I have designed. I will be running this design as a SAL on my forum and then it will be available as a design to purchase on the website.

This is a first for me as I have long admired the Biscornu's and never got around to stitching one, and now I have LOL

So what else has happened this week................. I cried a bucketful whilst watching a programme about a probie fireman and 9/11 - It struck such a cord with me as my brother was living in NY at the time and none of us could get hold of him... as it happened he was in the UK at the time working. He had not seen the news and so was flabergasted at how many missed calls he had on his mobile. My brother and I had actually been up the towers in May 2001 too and so it was frightening to think that there but for the grace of God...... My heart truly goes out to all those people who were affected by this disaster and I will be definately saying a little prayer on Monday (even though I am not religious) and hope that someone will be listening!!!

Today my DD almost set fire to the house when her washing machine plug blew and set alight!!!! I dashed over to get the girls out of the house as the kitchen was full of smoke - all from a plug blowing - unbelievable!!!!!!! Fortunately everything is ok and it was only the plug but she now has a w/machine full of water and washing!!!!!

So I packed off the Mystery Sampler packs for September, started printing off the Biscornu booklets and posted my latest set of orders and have added the beads to a new design out shortly........ Is that enough for half a week?????

Carol x